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on the ground? syria, the centrifuges continue to spin in tehran and, we have to start facing up to what is one of the prime reasons why there is the kind of unrest we are seeing throughout the middle east. >> chris: let me just button-up the morsi thing. what should our demand be of him? >> stop. stop. renounce the statement, and the move that he just made. allow the judiciary to function. if the judiciary is flawed in some way, then, that is an illness that can be cured over time but, absolutely, to assume this kind of power is unacceptable to the united states of america and, then, we can outline what actions might be taken. but, first, condemn it. >> chris: let's talk a little bit, you already led us in that direction, to the cease-fire, the fragile cease-fire worked out this week between israel and hamas. how fragile is it? what do you make of it? and, you know, we saw the longer-range iranian missiles that had been smuggled into gaza and were fired at tel aviv and jerusalem, which raises the question, if israel takes action against iran's nuclear program, what is the threat they face from
but sometimes the applications don't always make it to the registrar of voters. >>> this morning in syria, a fighter jet bammed a part of syria near the turkish border. now the force of the blast shattered shop windows. all of this comes as anti government troops reached a deal under pressure from the international community. well another insider attack led a u.s. coalition and an afghan army soldier shot and killed a british shoulder. 60 service members have been killed so far in about 45 of the so called insider attacks. they are raising questions about how affectively they can train afghans to take over security of the of a dance in 20 -- afghans in 2014. >>> and shocking accusations of general david petraeus after he admitted an extra marital affair. they are tell us why who knew what and when. >>> there is questions including some congressional leaders have not been told earlier. paula broad well sent harassing e-mails to the director and now dianne finestein plans on investigating. >> this is something that could have had an affect on national security and i think we should have bee
this morning in syria, a fighter jet bombed a part of syria today near the turkish border. the force of it shattered windows. this comes as there's word that there's a new opposition leader being formed, under pressure from the international community. >> it appears congress may be ready to tackle immigration reform. charms shumer/schumer of new york says he and lindsey graham of south carolina are going to restart talks shelfed two years ago. charles schumer says being antiimmigrant does not work for him politically. >>> and in san francisco, the race for the district supervisor seat remains too close to call. through six rounds of voting, norman yee has 11,945. labor deed leader -- leader crowley has 11,924. that's a difference of just 21 votes. election workers say there are 3,000 provisional ballots to count. >>> we're hearing that some people who registered to vote at dmv offices found themselves not able to vote. the federal motor voter law enacted in 1995 requires the dmv to offer people the ability to vote. >>> a memorial will be scheduled held for david beanie will be sold -
with the furnace. she lived at the house with her mother. neither were home at the time of the explosion. >>> syria's civil war spilled into israel today. a mortar fire landed there. and tanks fired back. they reported no damage, but israel says it will not tolerate weapon fire from syria. they have not fired on each other for more than 40 years. >>> here in the bay area, they made an important announcement regarding the fire season. we'll tell you what it means in terms of staffing and resources. >>> we are going up and down in temperatures. it was cool all week, cold mornings as Ñ . >>> a home is gone up in flames in the hilly area of los angeles. the fire broke out about 11:30 in brentwood. more than 90 firefighters put out the flames in about an hour. the house was destroyed. fire officials say a 90-year- old man suffered minor smoke inhalation. >>> here in the bay area. they declared an end to fire season and seasonal crews are heading home. we are live in morgan hill with remaining firefighters that cannot let their guard down. >> reporter: the cool, wet weather was enough for cal fire to pu
, plus one attempted burglary plus similar smash and grabs in nearby cities. >>> in syria, amateur video shows bombings in damascus by government warplanes. a pro government television station says the military has begun a campaign to cleanse the area of terrorists. that is the term that syria's president uses to describe the opposition. >>> in afghanistan, two suicide bombers were killed at a check point in kabul near the main u.s. military headquarters, and also where several embassies are located. two afghan guards were also killed when they confronted the bombers. five civilians were wounded. afghan civilians say they were dressed in afghan uniforms. the taliban has claimed responsibility. >>> in new zealand, hikers panicked as the volcano they were climbing started to erupt. what's interesting here, is that the volcano is located in a national park. it was actually used as a backdrop for scenes in the lord of the ring films. >>> president obama pardoned two turkeys today in what has become annual thanksgiving event at the white house. the president, along with his daughters gave the
leaders in syria. the change in policy comes after the syrian kraus fails. it crash council fails. -- hillary rodham clinton said we have to protect the country from oppositionests. >> we will be strongly dealing with the syrian resolution. >>> and they met with china's foreign minister to stop it and they are willing to work with the international community but there is more being determined by the syrian people. >>> they are looking to help victims of dan sandy. now if you want to give, give money, not food or clothing. check the name again. scam artists sound similar to legitimate groups and be careful of e-mails. >>> amphibian is set to be closed in an east bay park. now it begins november of every year and that's because california news have to cross safely. they are headed for the pond to mate with other news. knew the crossing. >>> what else are we watching out for this morning? >> we are watching out for the wet roads and traffic will be busy in many areas because of the rain and steve said that is falling apart and this is a look at fremont. we had an earlier crash on the
. >>> in geneva says a video from syria appears to be video of a war crime by rebels. the video shows rebels kicking soldiers then executing them. abuses by rebels appear to be on the rise although they also say both side are guilty. >>> in brazil, police say they discovered a drug tunnel that led directly to the university of sao paolo. the students didn't have to go around a wall that was built specifically to separate the university from that slum. >>> it is something you don't see every day, san francisco mayor ed lee playing ping-pong on market street. the mayor joined public works and mta officials at market and powell for a lively game of ping-pong. it was all part of the city's better market street project meant to promote the area as more than just a shopping spot. the improvement project focuses on a long stage of progress. >>> giant fans are taking to twitter for a chance to find a commemorative series bat. tomorrow they will hide bats and tweet clues for a digital scavenger find. >>> just how warm will it get this weekend? bill martin has your complete bay area forecast. ler...
is vowing to live and die in syria. he also warned the western world that any foreign intervention would cause violence throughout the world. it comes two days after the britting -- british prime minister offered him immunity. he said he would never flee. . >> the obama administration only provided non-lethal support for rebel groups. it is not clear where he gave that interview. >>> officials announced iranian jets fired at a drone like this one. the drone was flying 12 miles off the coast of iran and was not hit. they have not said if this is considered a act of war or if there is plans for a military response. >>> in the sierras it has been snowing so much that a news crew got stuck on interstate 80. mike, what is it like up there tonight? >> reporter: man, things calmed down a little bit here at 5,000 feet. at 2:00 the rain turned to snow just like that. let me show you what fell in the last 2 hours. you can see how many inches of snow fell. we were at 6,000 feet trying to get here when we ran into a full on stand still. we were stuck for a good hour just trying to go about 4 miles a
that will be impacted by the nurse strike. >>> in news of the world tonight in syria, about 11,000 people have now fled across the border into turkey. some climbed razor wire fences to escape fighting between rebels and government forces for control of a border town. despite all of this intense fighting. beshard asad told russian television there's no war in his country and he blamed the terrorist on his country. >>> justin we will recollect vi has been introduced as the commissioner. he has been a priest for 20 years, prior to that he was an oil executive. he says he is in favor of women as bishops and won't -- bi-p shop and won't approve to it. >>> the stone is named after previous owner joseph of austria and is said to be a flawless clarity and it can be yours at the christie's office in g earthquake nejings a. just be prepared to pay 25 to 25 miles per hour. >> a sacramentoen man set to lose his job next year is celebrating a change in luck. michael rural made up the numbers. wolf says the campbell soup plant in sacramento which is slated to close next year. he says he will use the money to pay o
this morning, chaos spreading in the area of syria, they are spreading for a second day near the border of turkey. we are told at least one person has died. yesterday 20 more people were killed in air strikes in this same area. the violence has killed more than 36,000 people since the uprising in march of last year. >>> and now in washington state, they will try for a second time to reach two snowboarders. the bad weather forced the rescuers to back off. these snowboarders became lost as they were coming down from a storm. park officials say they were able to build a snow cave to get shelter from the cold. >>> they are hoping to put pressure on lawmakers and avoid this so called fiscal cliff. and in washingtond.c. newsroom, here is the campaign, jacqueline? >>> they want the president to come up with a measure he sees fit. he is kicking off meetings centering around the problems facing the nation. spending cuts will go into effect at the beginning of the year unless congress acts. they want lawmakers to raise taxes on the wealthy and tomorrow the president will meet with business execut
of the ceasefire agreement israel is easing the blockade of gaza and allowing supplies to come in. >>> in syria, one of the last hospitals in aleppo has been bombed by government war planes. it is a field hospital where civilians could get medical help. activists said 11 fighters and a doctor and three children were on the street were killed. rebels captured a kill military base on the boardedder with iraq. >>> in egypt, the president gave himself more power today and barred decisions from the judiciary. he negotiated a ceasefire between israel and hamas, his move is expected to increase protests for those that see him becoming more like a dictator. >>> there was a thanksgiving spread for the servicemen and women in afghanistan in a base in kabal, not home cooking but pretty good and plenty of food and today there was also no limit on how many servings. one soldier from sallorenzo says there is a big misconception about the military presence in afghanistan. >> the nationals do care about us and they do want us here to help them. it is not just -- we are not here uninvited. >>> after dinner, som
searching for one more suspect. >> the obama administration wants new opposition leaders in syria. hillary clinton said the frontline fighters should have a bigger role in the opposition leadership. she said the paris based national council which is made up of exiles has failed to win the support of the syria people but she said that any new leadership must protect the country from extremists. >> we also need an opposition that will be on record strongly resisting the efforts by extremists to hijack the revolution. >> the un, arab league special envoy met with the china foreign minister to try to stop the civil war. they said they are willing to work with the international community but that the future should be determined by the people. >>> the united states government may have known about security risks at the embassy in libya before the deadly attack that killed the ambassador. according to reports the united states mission held an emergency meeting less than a month before the attack. they discussed their fear that the embassy couldn't with stand a coordinated attack. officials also
on the windshield. >>> new this morning an explosion near major hotel in syria. a car bomb blew up and damaged a section of the hotel. u.n. observers occupied many of the room there is during their mission in syria earlier this year. it's believed the bomber was targeting a military building. at least 12 government personnel were injured. opposition forces are meeting to forge a united front against the syrian regime. >>> u.s. may be inching closer to finding those responsible for the attack on the american consulate in libya. it killed four americans including ambassador christopher stevens. in the coming days the fbi says it will interrogate a suspect tied to that attack. the u.s. asked turkey to detain -- he was then transferred to tanisha where he is being held. >>> the american soldier accused of a quilling rampage is set to appear in a military court. he is charged with killing 16 afghans. mostly women and children. last march now tomorrow is a pretrial hearing at a military base in washington state. the second weak of hearing take places in the evening. so afghan villagers can testify.
. >>> deadly conflicts are still going on in syria. that has a lot of people fleeing syria. the united states says 11,000 syrians have left for other countries in the past 24 hours alone. they are fleeing to turkey, lebanon and jordan. the u.n. the number of people needing help could hit 400 million by the independent of the year -- by the end of the year. >>> secretary of state, hillary clinton, talked about chris stevens last night in washington. >> chris stevens was an inspiration to all who served with him and knew him during his life. >> chris stevens was post hume mewously awarded -- post hume muously -- post homoucsly awarded -- posthomously awarded and there is his sister accepting it for him right there. >>> a husband and wife rushed to the hospital. thousand their car was smashed in the east bay. >>> welcome back. amazon is selling wine in washington, d.c. and 12 states including right here in california. amazon has more than 1,000 waynes available. they range in price from less than ten bucks a bottle to more than 100. shipping will cost $10 for up to six bottles. >>> priceline ha
. they captured them in syria in the 1967 mid east war. >> more violence broke out in the gaza strip. >> militants have rockets and mortars and israel countered by shelling palestinian positions. >> also announced the defense system knocked out a long range respect palestinian rock. >> in the middle east, they have broken down. >> the u.s. was trying to set up negotiations and will set up the time something wrong for the negotiations due to rising tensions. >> senator dianne feinstein is the target of an antiwar protest this morning. this is in pacific heights. they plan to head to nancy pelosi's house as well. as well as a trip to the golden gate bridge. >> it is guiling a strong movement. and senting a recent delegate to pakistan which included people from the area. >>> after just two months on the job, george entwhistle said he has taken responsibility for a news night broadcast that wrongly implicated a british politician in a child sex abuse scandal. the alleged victim said he was abused by a party official. later, they said it was a case of mistaken identity. >> it is weeks after it was reve
them out. >>> new, two united states based internet monitoring companies say syria has shut off the internet nationwide. earlier activists said authorities had blocked internet and cell phone signals in just parts of the capitol. reb els reportedly bombed the house of a top member of the ruling party, killing him and three activists. syrian leaders meeting and hope to form a transitional government that could take over syria if they are successful in over throwing the president. >> new details about a hero in last year's shooting at a cement plant. the district attorney said a truck driver is credited with lunging after the gunman in an effort to save his co workers, but he was shot and killed. that gunman, hid from police inside of a crawl space at a home in sunnyvale. deputies saw him the next day. they shot him but he had already died of aself inflicted gun shot wound. >>> a man convicted in a school bus kidnapping case won't be free any time soon. the 61-year-old fred woods was denied parole. he will stay in jail. he is one of three convicted of kidnapping a bus full of chi
of the world tonight in syria, rebels and the government are blaming each other after we -- after internet went down today. >>> in norway, authorities released video of brevick setting off the bomb. that explosion is shown from several different cameras. eight people were killed and nearly 200 were wounded. later brevcik shot and killed 60 people at a youth camp. >>> in france, a judge overturned the decision of continental jet crash. the metal punctured the tire of the air france concord which sent rubber into the fuel tank causing an explosion. 113 people were killed. >>> the famous bat mobile from the bat man tv series back in the 60s is being put for auction. the car is actually a tricked out 1955 lincoln futura. it will be sold in scotts dale in february. the auction house won't say how much it's hoping to get for the car but some say they think it could be in the millions. >>> a rescue at sea. new video from a bay area crew on the mission to help an injured sailor off the coast of mexico. >>> and chief meteorologist bill martin with a look at the storms on the way. [ laughter ] [ gir
an secretary of defense and, wait 6 to 9 months but major decisions have to be made about syria, 30,000 people have been killed and we are losing influence by not being more forward leading an afghanistan. what is the president going to do, the troops there, and, the vice president said we're getting out in 2014, period and the policy is more responsible, in my view to get a force there, advisory support force there afterwards but i don't know, will there be support on the hill, republicans and democrats think we are in slow motion defeat in afghanistan, will people support sending more troops over there? i'm not sure. he has to make a decision, does he want to get out of the war or avenue a favorable outcome, and he'll avenue a busy foreign policy agenda in the next six months. >> chris: we are running out of time, petraeus in specific and national security in the second term... >> the same with david petraeus, it is tragic, a patriotic american and it is unfortunate and fortunately for us, we have a deep bench in the national security force arena and the president will make a smooth transiti
since 1872. >>> new from syria this morning, chaos and panic in the streets after a second day of air strikes with the border with turkey. yesterday 20 people were reportedly killed -- were reported killed av air attacks in the same area. the violence there has left more than 3600 dead since the violence started last year. >>> next week, the obama administration is expected to decide how many american troops will stay in afghanistan. leon panetta says the -- the top u.s. commanders there have had several options on what will happen after 2013. the u.s. has 16 -- has about 68,000 troops. president obama has pledged most of them will be withdrawn by 2014. >>> 7:16. today, president obama meets with officials about the fiscal cliff. jamie dupree has more via skype. what's the president's plan now to avoid the situation? >> reporter: we don't have a detailed plan yet out of the white house and what he wants to do. he's meeting today with labor and business leaders in separate meetings trying to engage what might be acceptable to both sides. we saw some of the markers laid out by some demo
and then set off those bombs. >>> in syria, amateur video shots palm -- bombing in the suburbs of damascus. all of this as the syrian government lashes out at the european union for endorses a seen opposition coalition. >>> hostess brand is wrapping up its operations. new york bankruptcy judge approved the company's request to shut down and so many off the assets. hostess says there is interest in other companies that want to buy the trademarks and recipes for some products 18,000 people will lose their jobs. >>> facebook users may not get to vote on changing to the privacy policies. facebook uses a voting mechanism that's triggered when enough people he comment on proposed changes. but lately, people have been leaving one or two word comments instead of reasoned responses. if if does eliminate the vote it, will still notify users of any policy changes and consider their feedback. >>> as new york recovers from superstorm sandy, city leaders are serving dinner. governor cuomo was out there hosting with if a food drive he organized. he join national guard troops. they handed out holiday meals to
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